NedGraphics offer different range of Carpet and Rug Designing Solutions depending on specific needs of the customer.

TexFlash is a powerful Windows based design software specifically adapted to suit the needs of the Carpet and Rug manufacturing industry.

Texcelle has proven its value as the ultimate creative design software, enabling the designer to create spectacular Carpet & Rug designs.

The most advanced level Carpet & Rug Designing Solution from NedGraphics offers two different kind of solutions to the customers - Texcelle + Carpet or Texcelle + tuft. Carpet along with Texcelle can translate carpet designs into jacquard data for practically all card punchers and electronic jacquard machines whereas Tuft along with Texcelle offers a wide range of display tools, enabling the designer to see the end result at an early stage in the carpet designing process.

Entry Level - TexFlash

Medium Level- Texcelle

Advanced Level - Texcelle + Carpet or Texcelle + tuft
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