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Software Features
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For practically all card punchers and electronic jacquard machines, Vision Carpet can translate carpet designs into jacquard data for practically all card punchers and electronic jacquard machines, such as Van der Wiele (Bonas), Schleicher, Stäubli and Takemura. Over 20 different graphics formats can be used. As is customary for NedGraphics' products, Vision Carpet has a very user-friendly interface.


Vision Carpet version 2.2 introduces a completely new WeavePlan module! From now on WeavePlans are easily made for both Stäubli and Van de Wiele controllers. Most important benefits of this latest Vision Carpet version include:
  • Its automatic design organization
  • The possibility to import Weaveplan from third party’ software
  • A graphical preview, based on reverse engineering of the production data, with multiple color
  • combinations for each path.
  • Improved user-friendly interface
  • Printing of the graphical view of the Weaveplan and listing of designs
  • Easy drag and drop from the Windows explorer
  • Direct send to JC4T and JC5T Stäubli controlers via the network
For the Carpet industry, Vision Carpet has proven to be a most versatile program, being fully compatible with Vision Texcelle and DesignCom. Vision Carpet can use designs from over 20 different graphic formats, such as PAT, DES, TIFF and BMP. NedGraphics' design archiving system DesignCom is used for company-wide communication and presentation of designs and design information.
Vision Carpet comes with a library of weave-sets for all common brands and machine types. When a weave-set needs to be changed or made from scratch, our What You See Is What You Get interface will help you as no other program can. For the older looms a graphical montage editor is available to create any card needed for your looms. The Cross section viewer can show you the end result of the card and can help finding unwanted effects throughout the card.

Additionally, the Cross section viewer shows the design, which is
recreated from the card and can be saved as a design. This function is very effective in retrieving lost designs from production data files. Vision Carpet can save the production data files to any disk in your PC and can also send the production data directly to the looms through a network.

Vision Carpet supports Single, Double and Triple rapier looms up to 14 colors and more. Nedgraphics can provide specialized weave-sets and weaving consultancy to make your looms work more efficiently and with improved quality.
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