Vision Carpet Workshop


The Ultimate Element Composer

Software Features
Vision Carpet Workshop is a stand-alone tool for the quick creation of complete carpet designs by placing an unlimited number of borders around a centre. The resulting design is automatically updated with every change, creating an instant result of a complete design. This means that minimal manual manipulation is needed to quickly get an accurate impression of the effects you create.
With the introduction of Vision Carpet Workshop NedGraphics has introduced yet another productive, time saving tool. Typically it can be used at the beginning of the creative process of designing new carpets or any other design containing elements. The centre or border pieces can be opened from any existing design file or by drag & drop selections from Vision Texcelle. Borders are automatically repeated around the centre, following the numerous options you can specify. With the addition of every border you see your design grow, the program instantly performing all the tedious manual pixel manipulation you would normally do yourself.
Imagine two borders swapping places. Doing this manually would take at least several minutes or even hours. Vision Carpet Workshop can do it instantly, even keeping the corners intact.

The final shape of the carpet can be changed back and forward between rectangular, oval, round and runner with one click. Its size can be calculated automatically, or set to fixed dimensions. 

The centre piece can be repeated with several modes and placed at a given offset. Borders can be individually mirrored, rotated, scaled and shifted. The corners are calculated from adjacent borders, using straight, mirror, cut or rounding effects. All these options and properties give you full control of the final result, with minimal effort and time.

The complete design can be stored as if you would have created it manually with Vision Texcelle. It then can be used for further processing with other NedGraphics applications as you would with any other design.

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