Vision Catalog Creator


Easy to use layout and publishing application

Software Features
In the textile world creating your own catalogues and commercial publications is now easier then ever. Simply drag and drop your design files onto your page layout. The Catalog Creator is a versatile and easy to use Windows application. Now you cannot only create your own catalogues but you can even print the easy-to-use NedGraphics colour books within Catalog Creator. When printing your designs you have the option to display and print the design together with its colour statistics. This is especially useful for the textile industry. Detailed product information can also be visualized and printed.


  • Batch importer, allowing automatic creation of predefined catalogues
  • Support for transparent colours
  • Raster visualisation
With the introduction of Catalog Creator NedGraphics has introduced yet another productive new design tool. Catalog Creator automatically retrieves detailed product information from other NedGraphics applications for example it reads width, height, repeat and paper format information from our leading textile design application Texcelle. If there are Double Workers or Effect Bindings in the design they are correctly visualized. From the advanced NedGraphics Tuft Design and Production program, Catalog Creator automatically retrieves information regarding cams, creels and machine types. 

Customized color palettes or colorways contained within the product information can be visualized in a flexible way. This gives the designer more options to present textile designs and their related information.

Catalog Creator allows you to create sophisticated publications in an easy way. Every page can be saved separately. You have the facility to create a multi-page book for complete commercial collection presentations. Having the ability to work with books within books you can combine different collections into one catalogue for internal or external commercial usage. With Catalog Creator adjustments can easily be made in your collection presentation, keeping it up to date and reducing your time to market in a very cost efficient way
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