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'What You See Is What You Get'

Software Features
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The power of Vision Tuft is its practical user interface. Vision Tuft offers a wide range of display tools, enabling the designer to see the end result at an early stage in the designing process. Just draw your cam, assign the yarns to needles and draw the high-low pattern. The result is displayed immediately and notification is given of any errors or impossibilities.


  •  Improved simulation: the texture files can now contain angles for better texture / color matching 
  • Modified layout of the yarn calculation: the thread up sequence is shown and information per needle is now printed on a single line
  •  Support for sampling machines
  •  Multi-roll thread ups can be stored on disk and read in other designs
  •  Several new functions of the print-out of technical fiche
  •  The graphical fiche is extended with the thread up sequence and the effects used in the design
  •  Texcelle Plant guides can be imported in the creel.
  •  Customize, a new menu entry in the Tools menu
  •  A new button on the General tab in the yarn dialog: to set all yarns to the same weight and unit as the current one
  •  Configurable pile height difference
Vision Tuft supports most types of tufting machines from all major machine manufacturers. Different types of yarn (Normal, Space dyed, Superba, Air-entangled) are supported. The program also supports needle offsets, like CMC PSP, Cobble DSP and TFI/A+P JuteMover.
The simulation module allows sample quality printouts to be produced for end control, sales people or customers. Complex yarns (multiple plies, space dyed and air entangled yarns) can also be simulated. Together with the high-low effects the result can be quite stunning. Some of these displays are not only visible in the simulation, but also in the design view, giving designers an impression of the final result at an early stage in the design process.
 To allow an estimate of the production costs, a separate module for yarn usage calculation is available. . This module can pre-calculate the amounts of yarn required for this carpet to be produced. The results can be read directly, for instance in Microsoft® Excel, for further processing.
Vision Tuft provides advanced integration with DesignCOM. This allows Vision Tuft to access designs directly from the DesignCOM database. Enhanced print presentation features are available through an improved link with the presentation module 'Storyboard & Cataloguing'.

In order to streamline the workflow from design to machine, Vision Tuft can be used not only in the design department, but also on the tufting machine itself (assuming a Windows PC is connected). Vision Tuft is available in Controller and Advanced Controller versions, thus allowing machine operators to use the same program as the designers and making it easier to keep track of required changes in the design. This eliminates the need to re-import designs (and the potential loss of information, depending on the machine file format) or to go back to the designer for the changes to be made.

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