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Software Features
With DesignCOM, design and related  productinformation can be archived and organized easily. Once having  organizedall design information, DesignCOM can be used for company-wide  productcommunication and presentation. Just start with a single-user  archivingmodule. Later on the system can be extended into a company-wide  andInternet-ready design data management and presentation system.


What's new in version3.2:
  • Web basedRecoloring20
  • User configurable business rules for workflow and; productlifecycle management support.20
  • DesignCOM CD Presentation plug-in. Possibility to export toEasy CD Presentation / point-of-sale presentationsoftware20
  • 3D Photo security / filtering per user or usergroup20
  • Addition of a step-by-step Search in Web  Presentationmodule20
  • Batch Importer improvements in Job handling and  importoptions20
  • DesignCOM Server Replication plug-in. Synchronize  multipleDesignCOM servers at differentlocations
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Design Data Management
The core of DesignCOM is a powerful database that is  highlyflexible and can be configured according to specific businessrequirements. With DesignCOM, design information can be retrieved  inseconds! It is the ultimate solution for any design studio that  needs tomanage thousands of designs. The functionality of DesignCOM is  integratedinto all NedGraphic's major CAD/CAM applications, thus making  easier toarchive and organize designs. No extra time is required because  filing isdone while the operator is working. The system also allows  specificbusiness rules to be set in order to automate specifictasks.
Design  Presentation & Communication
With the DesignCOM Web Presentation module, design  information canbe accessed easily via a Web browser. This enables company-widecommunication and presentation of all design information required  withoutthe need to install software on every PC. Because the Presentation  moduleuses standard Web technology, DesignCOM is Internet-ready.  Furthermore,the Presentation module offers a variety of product sheet  print-outoptions. Together with the Easy Map 3D presentation and Recoloring  plug-in, the Web Presentation module forms an excellent marketing  andsales tool. Imagine being able to display recolored designs in a  lifelike3D room setting! combined with a website, DesignCOM offers  thecontent management functions that makes it possible to manage  on-linee-catalogs. Access to design information can of course be  restrictedaccording to various levels. Exclusive designs can be made visible  only toauthorized users orcustomers.

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