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DesignCOM Modules

DesignCOM Design Data Management
  • Management of designs and related information.
  • Integration with NedGraphics CAD/CAM and support for all major PC image formats.
  • Automatically feed design information into the database when saving designs
  • Fully configurable database.
  • Access to design information can be restricted according to various levels per user group.
DesignCOM Presentation
  • Design presentation in a Web browser.
  • Easy access to design information.
  • Integrated 3D Presentation.
  • Integrated Re-coloring.
  • Customisable Product sheets and print-outs
DesignCOM Re-coloring plug-in
  • Recolor a design, Internet enabled.
  • Work with standard or customized color books.
  • Product sheets with your recolored design.
DesignCOM Easy Map 3D presentation plug-in
  • Display designs in life-like environments.
  • Printing of product sheets with 3D room settings.
DesignCOM Easy CD Presentation
  • Product presentation on CD-ROM
  • Integrated Easy Map 3D presentation.
  • Automatic creation of a presentation based on the specified Layout
  • Content management with DesignCOM.
DesignCOM CAM Import/Export
  • Import machine production information into DesignCOM.
  • Export machine production information directly to diskette, via local network or Internet.
  • Support formats such as Staubli and Bonas.
  • Includes an automatic harness conversion
DesignCOM Server Replication plug-in
  • Keep DesignCOM servers at different locations synchronized.
  • Synchronization on-line or off-line, via CD exchange or file transfer.
  • Automatic synchronization options
DesignCOM Laptop license
  • Run DesignCOM on a Laptop.
  • Synchronize with the main server database.
  • Copy single design collections or full database.
DesignCOM Batch Importer
  • Batch Import / update design information.
  • Solution for connecting DesignCOM with other databases.
  • Supports ASCII files, Excel and ODBC compliant databases as data sources.
  • Automatically run (multiple) batch jobs every day.
DesignCOM is of great value at different stages in the value chain, from design to customer. The Design Studio can be supported with organized design information and version management. In Marketing and Sales product presentation and e-merchandising can be easily generated and the production process can be assisted by giving direct access to machine production files. In addition, with the new configurable business rules functionality, DesignCOM can also provide support for workflow and product lifecycle management.
Create integrated solutions and provide easy access to essential product information company-wide by connecting DesignCOM with other data sources, like ERP or CRM. And with the Server Replication functionality, DesignCOM servers at different locations can be kept synchronized automatically, thus providing fast local access to design information at each location.
DesignCOM servers at different locations can be kept synchronized automatically, thus providing fast local access to design information at each location. Effective communication and easy access to relevant product information will improve the efficiency of the company. The possibilities of DesignCOM are extensive; it can provide an instant solution for efficient design data management and presentation.
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