Vision Dobby (Pro)


A Virtual Loom for Every Weave Designer and Technician

Software Features
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With Vision Dobby Pro there is complete control over every aspect of the weaving process, while allowing you to work on our unique multi-view system. In one window you may enter and manipulate specific information concerning the weave, peg, draw-in, warp and filling arrangements, and fabric construction. Meanwhile, another view may instantly display a life-like fabric simulation. With Dobby Pro you can make the design decisions that normally could not be made before fabric has been produced, giving you more time to create and with greater efficiency.

A Real Simulation

Blow your customers away with the simulations that many of our customers are already selling from. The yarn generator allows you to develop and archive all types of yarns quickly, with complete size and color accuracy. Control and define twist direction and frequency, slub and nub size and randomness, as well as yarn unevenness parameters. Vision Dobby Pro can also create spacedyed, novelty and even heathered yarns. Overall fabric finishing lets you brush and texture fabrics as well as simulate shaded yarns for 3D yarn effects.
You can control and fine-tune all of these parameters so you get a perfect match every time. Our simulations even display the effects of variable density reeding, let-back or pick cramming, open weave (leno), skip dents, top beam dobby, and double cloth. Just enter the correct design information and let Vision show you what you will get from the loom, without any lengthy calculations.

Project Management Right Down to Production

When your pattern has been designed to your liking, Vision Dobby Pro brings all of the details together, so you can stop sifting through mountains of papers, forms, and reports. Entire projects are tracked with pattern numbers, style numbers, designer identifications, date of creation and edition, customer information, and much more.

Technical Specifications

Vision Dobby Pro offers a full complement of printed weaving technical specifications. Many plants are using mechanical machinery and the operators of this equipment need precise information to set them up correctly. Many of our customers have already replaced most of the traditionally hand-generated paper work, with digitally calculated and generated printouts. This enhanced speed and efficiency allows Vision users to dramatically increase the number of designs that can be processed for manufacturing, not to mention eliminating calculation mistakes.
Vision Dobby Pro automatically generates information for all weave preparation processes including: beaming, warp preparation, sample warping, drawing-in, creel preparation, slashing, card punching, and loom control. This information is arranged to address specific machines found in most plants and can also be output in a standard digital text (ASCII) format, allowing for importation into AS400 and other databasing CIM systems.

Digital Production

Weve been working with the most technologically advanced weave plants in the world and have developed an entire selection of unique digital machinery interfaces. Each one has been fine-tuned to eliminate the need for any hand drafted paper printouts. Most of our interfaces can be accomplished with standard network or media data transfers, eliminating any data re-entry errors. A Vision weaving system can be cost justified by our interfaces alone! Our growing list of interfaces now includes: Looms - Staubli, Dornier, Picanol, Sulzer-Ruti, Vamatex, Somet,Tsudakoma; Drawing In Machines - Staubli Delta 200 and Vega
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