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Product Visualization with Vision Easy Map Pro

Software Features
Vision Easy Map Creator, Vision Easy Map Viewer, and the Vision Easy Map SDK (software development kit) make up a software suite that allows you to realistically visualize different color, fabric, and other surfaces on photographs of your product.
These digitally altered product images will enable you to eliminate costly samples; photography shoots and mistakes up front. You can also use these same life-like images in marketing and sales efforts such as print catalogs, e-merchandising web sites, CD’s, kiosks, laptops and more. Companies embracing this technology are enjoying lower production cost, increased speed to market, higher margins, and in the case of e-tailers, more customers returning to their sites to purchase product again and again.
Picture the Sales Representative using these tools to preview the product line at a customer site, the retail customer mixing and matching fabrics on an interactive in-store kiosk, or an Internet shopper designing a virtual quilt before ordering just the right fabrics. These are just a few examples of how NedGraphics is changing the way companies’ merchandise, produce and sell their products. For a hands-on interactive demonstration, log on to

Vision Easy Map Creator

Vision Easy Map Creator is where photos of the product are prepared for realistic surface or “texture mapping”. Areas of the image are defined as segments; 3D grids are associated with the appropriate segments. Once completed the user can simply drag and drop a design, pattern or fabric onto the image and see it realistically drape over the image while maintaining the details from the original image like shadows, folds, or wrinkles. The result is a digitally altered image that looks as good as the real thing.

Vision Easy Map Viewer

Vision Easy Map Viewer is a Point of Presentation program designed to be used by someone who has no prior knowledge of the software. Prepared product scenes and textile/surface designs are exported from the Easy Map Creator into the Easy Map Viewer library. A user can then walk up to the Easy Map Viewer interface, call up a room scene, desired fabric, color or texture and be visualizing the product within seconds. This is an ideal program for decision makers to mix and match design combinations, whether in the design studio, at a customer site, or over the Internet. NedGraphics can also customize the Easy Map Viewer interface to reflect your corporate or brand identity.

Vision Easy Map SDK

Vision Easy Map SDK will take your customized product visualization tools to the web. This is the Software Development Kit that contains the Vision Easy Map DLL, full documentation, and the source code of sample applications ready to be integrated by web developers into any e-merchandising solution.

Opportunities are available for VARS, ISP’s, ASP’s, web designers & developers to license our visualization technology that is both customizable & configurable for any web site or web portal. Our solutions make e-commerce sites fun, interactive and highly productive for businesses or consumers shopping and sourcing on-line.

Flexibility to fit your needs now and into the future.

Each module in the Vision Easy Map Suite can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the other modules, depending on what your needs may be. The technology is also integrated with the Vision Storyboard and Catalog module, which is part of the Vision Fashion Studio Suite.
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