Vision Storyboard and Cataloguing


Software Features
You have fabulous ideas. Now make people stand up and take notice. Vision Storyboard and Cataloguing isnít just another document layout software. It is the only layout and cataloguing program specifically created for the Apparel and Textile Design world.
Today, the medium really is the message. With multi-media fashion shows, video collections and even virtual catwalks on the Internet, your customers expect to see your designs presented with style and professionalism.
This fast and smart software automatically creates everything from simple mapped silhouettes to the catalogues of your dreams. And not in days or hours. In minutes.
Use the browser to see all of your design elements. Drag-and-drop silhouettes, 3D images and swatches onto the page. Drag your patterns over silhouettes or images and map them instantly. Add multi-media elements that really grab people's attention. With layout functions this powerful, you'll be done before you know it.
Storyboard and Cataloguing gives you the tools you want and the flexibility you need to get the job done. Fast. You have complete control over positioning, layout, colorways, adding text, line codes, style numbers and just about anything else you can think of. And it's completely compatible with all other OLE applications, which means you can use any work from your off-the-shelf programs.

Use Vision Storyboard and Cataloguing and stop the show.

How to Stop the Show

Do it all and more with Vision Storyboard and Cataloguing. Create presentation boards with fabric swatches, flats, sketches, text, mood collages, and mapped 3D photos. You can produce perfect catalogues of your designs and all you have to do is click and drag. Modify grain lines on flats in seconds and see the changes as you work. You can do even more. Add video clips to your mood page, click on an icon and play a sound byte, import files from your other software. Even the things that sound technical arenít - this is a software package that never forgets youíre a designer not a geek. Make them stand up and take notice. Use Vision Storyboard and Cataloguing.

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