Collection Development System (CDS)


C.D.S Module
C.D.S. provides support and help to designers and product development staff for the creation of collections, lines, and prototypes, using an approach similar to that used in the actual production process.

C.D.S. supports companies with important activities like creating collection and product specification sheets, adjusting and modifying production processes and operations from design through to the samples creation, cost analysis, price lists and sales.

C.D.S features a simple and intuitive Graphic User Interface that works with most image formats, it requires very short start up and implementation times and can be easily customized by the end-user. It requires no use of codes to manage object information. The "open database” can be fully integrated with any existing Information or ERP System, thus allowing the data and tables already existing to be used quite easily.

C.D.S. is web enabled. Users, if authorized, can remotely access the information through a browser.This facilitates the monitoring of production processes and the flow of information to remote sites.


C.D.S. is available in two versions: 

Fashion (for apparel and home furnishing companies) and

Textile (for weaving, finishing and printing companies).
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