GO Enterprise Management System



The GO Enterprise Management System is an ERP application that enables apparel, footwear and accessory companies to improve speed to market and streamline operations. GO is the foundation of a complete and integrated system supporting business processes from product design to customer delivery. The breadth and depth of the GO application helps you achieve great results:
  • Improves visibility so you can set priorities, identify hidden issues and quickly make critical business decisions.
  •  Reduces waste and eliminates manual tasks internally and throughout the supply chain.
  •  Improves on-time delivery and customer satisfaction by enabling you to synchronize supply and demand.
  •  Cuts inventory investment, off price sales and chargebacks!

Business Functions Supported by GO include:

  •  Customer Service
  •  Order Processing
  •  Sales Force Automation
  •  EDI
  •  Finished Goods and WIP Allocation
  •  Shipping & Invoicing
  •  Product Specifications
  •  Purchase Order Management
  •  Import Tracking
  •  Production Management
  •  Raw Material Management
  •  Inventory Control
  •  DC Management/Bar Coding
  •  Screen-Print & Embroidery
  •  Credit Management
  •  Financial Interfaces
  •  Accounting Modules
  •  Data Warehouse
  •  System Administration
Advanced Solutions are available if needed:

  •  Visual Plan
  •  Forecasting
  •  Tex@Net (Web Supply Chain)
  •  Customer Relations and Notification Management
  •  Product Development (CDS)
  •  Business Intelligence
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