TEX @ NET handles the data exchange between the company and its partners, via the Internet or an Intranet.
TEX@ NET is natively integrated with G-TeX (the Porini ERP) but it can also be interfaced with other ERP systems or work in stand-alone mode.
TEX@ NET allows data to be exported to other local Information Systems.
TEX@ NET provides data security and selective access to the data, through user profiles and passwords. It can be implemented in different languages.
Tex@Net modules: 
  •  Production Management
  •  Order entry:
  •  From a collection catalogue
  •  From stock
  •  From a collection catalogue with stock availability information
Production Progress Status

Tex@Net allows the planning and management of all processes (both textile and garment finishing) in their production centers wherever they are located (either internal production centers or sub-contractors)

In stand-alone mode, Tex@Net allows management of information that is normally available on an ERP system (management and creation of production routing, production orders, new styles…..) 

Tex@Net is the modern, simple and efficient answer to the need for the most timely information about the status of production progress and problems or opportunities related to production: 

  •  The system creates and allocates production routing and production orders
  •  The production centers receive production orders, manages progress status of the orders and all related information (delivery times, quality or quantity changes, etc.….)
  •  The contracting company has real-time visibility on the production status, both at single production center and at single production order level.
  •  Tex@net handles all documentation such as delivery notes, transfer of goods between different sub-contractors and/or between a sub-contractor and the company, sub-contractors invoices, statistics and internal messenger.
  •  Possibility to send to remote production centers files for label and bar-code printing. 
Order Entry

The Order Entry module allows for receiving sales order via a web application, with or without an on-line connection to the ERP Information System. 

Tex@Net Order Entry can replace or complement the order entry module normally available on the central Information System.

This module is used from internal sales personnel, from agents and/or selected customers for speeding the order entry and validating procedure. 

  • Assisted and easy navigation help entering the order’s general information.
  • Web-based reproduction of the classical paper-based order entry form, grids can be customized by the user.
  • When entering an ordered quantity, the price and stock availability of the selected product will be displayed in real time.
  • When a product is selected, its image(s) are displayed on the screen.
  • Availability of a “News Area”, ability to manage “promotions”, “special sales” or “packages”, internal messenger utility.
  • Storage and reporting of information on customers, orders and invoices.
  • Transfer of all order data to the central Information System. 

The order entry module is also available in an off-line version. This enables agents and other operators to enter orders even without being connected to the Internet. A data synchronization utility transfers to the central database all orders entered off-line as soon as a connection is established.
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