Visual-tex manages production planning and scheduling for weaving and knitting.
Visual-tex uses a truly interactive graphic dashboard, to perform medium term planning, fine scheduling, and production progress control at machine level. This technology can even be extended to third parties for management and control of commission weaving or knitting.
Visual-tex provides “on-line” functionality and direct throughput to erp files, allowing the operator to work in “simulation mode” in order to determine the optimum production capacity balance.
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Visual -Tex for Weaving: powerful tool for scheduling the warps to which weaving production orders should be allocated. This interactive planning and scheduling module can be the starting point from which the entire production process is launched.

Visual-Tex for circular or warp-knitting: manages the scheduling of production orders requiring the allocation of several components (cones, small beams, texture or effect beams, etc). The system also allows production lots to be monitored.

Visual-Tex can be interfaced with any ERP and receives/processes not only the data specific to customer orders, production orders, machine status and styles but also information concerning production progress updates.

This kind of data can be fed directly and in real time from production monitoring systems.

Production load balancing and control

  •  To facilitate correct dating of customer orders while automatically transforming production proposals coming from the MRP procedure into scheduled warping/weaving or knitting production requirements, after the availability of materials and production resources, including work centers capacities, has been checked. 
  •  To make dynamic adjustments and revisions in order to achieve an optimum production schedule that accounts for the necessary resources every time there is a change in the requirements (variations due to customer demand or production reasons), thereby always guaranteeing that the confirmed delivery dates are complied with. 

Issuing and modification of: 
  • virtual beams to be warped and later on converted into real beams;
  •  weaving or knitting production orders together with the generation of roll numbers and related labels. 
Automatic or manual de- allocation of: 
  •  one or more customer order to a production order;
  •  one or more production order to one or more machine 
To move production orders in time, on the same machine, or to more than one machine, while using feasibility filters and optimization algorithms which demonstrate the impact of certain actions on delivery dates. These adjustments and calculations can subsequently be updated to ERP if applicable.
  •  Display and printing of different reports (machine situation, warp situation, production orders, styles, customers orders, rolls, style changes)
  •  Calculation of requirements for reeds, beams, needles, yarns in general, yarns for machine, and so on. 
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