Visual-plan is engineered for facilitating the monitoring, balance, planning and fine scheduling of multi-phase textile finishing processes.
VISUAL-PLAN, utilising an efficient graphic and interactive dashboard, allows for: 

  • MONITORing and balancing multi-phase production flows;
  • finite capacity SCHEDULing of the production lots to be processed in each work center. lots can refer to customer orders, stock orders, production proposals coming from MRp, etc; 
  • customer order dating.

VISUAL-PLAN is configurable according to the requirments of each company. This integral module in the porini suite of solutions provides dynamic planning by department or work-center, intermediate warehouses or de-localized work-centers. these must be factored in because of THEIR potential influence the planning criteria.

VISUAL-PLAN, via global gANTT charts or PER SINGle production cent controls either continuous or batch processes.

VISUAL-PLAN monitors, balances, programs, and schedules while keeping the following in consideration:

  • The operative calendar of each production resource with all variables considered such as shifts, extra hours, time off, machine maintenance, repairs, etc;
  • The production typology of each machine (continuous, batch, with the correspondent number of batches and capacities); 
  • The compatibility of product to machine and the productivity per style family;
  • The level of utilisation of the resource such as entire machine, number of batches, etc.
  • The linking of bills of material via the correspondent intermediate product codes;
  • The already created and pre-defined production lots (with G-TeX or other ERP systems) 


  • To fraction a production order within additional production entities, ex. dyeing- batches;
  • To group in a single production lot different quantities coming from customer orders, production proposals, ongoing production orders, etc, even if corresponding to different styles with the condition of being compatible with the production cycle;
  • To distribute production among various machines depending on their work load. When working in re-distribution mode the promised delivery date is always respected;
  • To modify the production plan of a single phase, re-aligning production among different machines, among different work-centers or departments, internal or external to the company, automatically re-planning the previous and the following work-centers;
  • To correctly sequence the different processes programmed on each machine on the basis of pre-defined technical filters such as actual machine set-up, colour scale from light to medium to dark, number of printing screens, etc.. ;
  • To simulate various production plans in order to choose the most suitable;
  • To totally control and manage expected production or delays.
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