Visual-Plan Fashion

Visual-plan fashion provides a real-time display to allow graphic and interactive planning of production process for apparel manufacturing.
Visual-plan fashion is the ideal tool for accurate multiphase planning and control of progress status for production orders in ready-made apparel work centers (internal, external, sub-contractors), from cutting to the finished product.
Visual-plan is a multilingual client-server application, that is natively integrated with G-TeX (Porini ERP), but it can be also interfaced with any other system.

  •  Definition of the shop-floor structure:
    •  Production centers (internal, external sub-contractors)
    •  Production capacity in the time (for each center), in different measurement units (pieces, minutes of production….)
    •  timetables (for each center)
    •  compatibility among production centers and products
    •  classification of production centers by priorities or quality levels
  • Display of over/under-loading of production capacity for each production work center (internal, external sub-contractors) part of the production process.
  •  Display of all the production orders and/or of a selected batch of an order and/or of an individual order, showing the status of all phases of the production process.
  •  Management in a graphic and assisted way of activities for allocation, shuffling and when necessary rescheduling of production orders and/or individual stages of a production order.
  •  This allocation can be automatic or semi-automatic, simulated or definitive, quickest or latest, taking several parameters into consideration .
  •  Continuous and controlled availability of the global view for all production flows and necessary information.