Easy Knit


Sofhtware Features
Vision Easy Knit was created as a direct result of cooperative development between NedGraphics, knit designers, and manufacturers. It is an easy to use, yet highly sophisticated design software developed specifically for knit design simulation.
Now you can use the industryís best design tools and turn flat artwork into beautiful sweaters, blankets, scarves, and so much more. Transform absolutely anything you design into a fabulous knitted fabric, with simulation so real, you have to touch the print-out to know it hasnít just come from a knitting machine!

Vision Easy Knit gives you the tools you need to forget about everything else but designing. Sketch or develop your artwork and when youíre ready this smart, intuitive software will automatically place your ideas into a graph of any gauge and tension. Once youíve completed your design, Vision Easy Knit will let you apply the stitches you want to completely transform your design into a perfectly realistic knit.
Time Saving
Vision Easy Knit entirely eliminates the need to do graphs by hand, and generates your designs in a fraction of the time traditionally required. The program also lets you plug-in the stitches you choose from your own libraries and then assign individual symbols for every single stitch.
Technical Information
Vision Easy Knit also generates a wealth of information about each of your designs, including the number of colors and color changes per row. Best of all, Vision Easy Knit lets you add the kind of simulation effects and coloring which will make your design look like real woolens or other knitted yarns. And when youíre done, you can even export your design to manufacturing environments using simple standard graphic formats.


Put your needles and graphing rulers away.
Use Vision Easy Knit and just design.

Whether youíre an expert technical knit designer or a novice, Vision Easy Knit gives you the tools to transform your designs into perfectly graphed (and then perfectly simulated!) knitted creations.
I've been told that you practically need to be an engineer to do knit design. No, I am definitely a designer not an engineer, but with Vision Easy Knit I am creating the knit designs that Iíve always wanted. Vision lets the computer take care of the technical issues so that anyone with a flair for design can create fabulous knits, cables and jacquards in seconds. Drag and drop stitches from the stitch browser and see your design jump off the screen as you simulate it with different yarns.
- A Designerís Voice
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