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This Vision module takes the waiting out of weaving. Design the stripes and plaids you’ve always dreamt of and a million more you have yet to imagine. Get weaving. Easily.

Designing woven fabric, once required you to be a weaver with intimate knowledge of this complex and ancient art. Vision Easy Weave couldn’t be simpler. In no time you’ll be creating beautiful and professional woven designs.
Vision Easy Weave even comes with a full library from the “classics” to 32 harness “fancy” weaves for you to browse through and use as you want. Our simple introductory manual will show you just how easy and intuitive Vision Easy Weave really is.

Vision Easy Weave is a great design tool. It is also the perfect introduction to our more technical manufacturing weaving software. NedGraphics has brought over two decades of the world’s best weaving software, currently in use on high-end workstations worldwide, and combined it with the power and flexibility of the Windows® 95/98/NT environment.
Vision Easy Weave is exactly what it says it is: Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy to weave. Using a host of specific weaving tools, just pick weaves from your library, lay out your warp and weft, add any weave effects you want to, color easily and quickly, check the pattern on scale directly on your screen and you’re done. Go ahead and print.

It works like a master.

I wish I knew more about weaving. But I have deadlines to meet so that will have to wait. Right now I need to design beautiful yarn dyes and they better look like the work of a master weaver.  


I can do this instantly in Vision Easy Weave. With thousands of weaves to choose from in the weave library I know that whatever I select it will be structurally sound and recognizable. I can also create new weaves or alter weaves in the weave library. All that is left to do is create beautiful stripes, plaids, and cross woven fabrics. I have all the options I could imagine. I can create balanced stripes or plaids with the click of a button. I can fine tune my ideas by instantly resizing and recoloring stripes, deleting stripes, or even copying a stripe repeat from another fabric. Visualizing in Vision Easy Weave is always 100% accurate because you have the option to design in life size. So even if all you have is a deep appreciation for beautiful weaves and little working knowledge of this intricate and graceful art you’ll be designing perfect yarn dyes in minutes.
- A Designer’s Voice
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