Vision Fashion Studio


Set your creativity free!

Fashion Studio is an entirely graphic software pack dedicated to the textile creation. Thanks to its different modules, Fashion Studio supports the whole creation process.

The five specialized Fashion Studio modules will help you throughout each step of the textile design process : Color Reduction & Cleaning (CRC) for digitalizing and cleaning your designs, Design & Repeat (DR) for repeat mode setting and image editing, Easy Coloring (EC) for colorways creation, Easy Weave (EW) for very realistic weaving simulations and Easy Knit (EK) for any project related to knits (technical design, simulation and symbol card).
Vision Color Reduction and Cleaning
Whether you are starting with scanned artwork, fabric, or an imported file format, Vision Color Reduction and Cleaning will quickly and precisely reduce millions of pixels down to just the colors you specify. A variety of automatic and manual reduction methods are available to handle flat and tonal prints or anything in between.
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Design and Repeat
Vision Design and Repeat is a textile and surface designer’s dream. The software thinks in repeat, so you don't have to. Just have fun drawing, copying, pasting, rotating, and resizing all while seeing your changes immediately take place over multiple repeats. Pull out motifs, textures and elements of one design to easily create coordinates or spin off new ideas.
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Easy Coloring
Easily create your season’s palettes and then simply drag and drop colors into place. Drag colors from multiple palettes to the design, drag from design to design, basically, drag and drop to and from everywhere! You can even drag entire palettes from one design to another. You can also view as many different designs and colorways on the screen as you like, making it easy to compare and share.
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Easy Knit
Vision Easy Knit entirely eliminates the need to do graphs by hand, and generates your designs in a fraction of the time traditionally required. The program also lets you plug-in the stitches you choose from your own libraries and then assign individual symbols for every single stitch.
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Easy Weave
Vision Easy Weave even comes with a full library from the “classics” to 32 harness “fancy” weaves for you to browse through and use as you want. Our simple introductory manual will show you just how easy and intuitive Vision Easy Weave really is.
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