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Vision Easy Jacquard brings the beauty of jacquard wovens to your fingertips and your desktop. Traditionally,jacquard designing is considered to be a complex and highly advanced way of representing your designs. Now, with Vision Easy Jacquard you can take any artwork you've created (along with most other 256 color graphic files) and have the system assign all the different stitches you want in the blink of an eye. You can design with an on-screen grid, customize your warp and weft density as you choose, use all the design functions available in the Vision Design & Repeat package in a graph paper mode, work in all levels of zoom, and with multiple documents at the same time. The program comes with hundreds of the most creative and advanced jacquard weaves, all of which are ready to use. There's a host of easy drawing tools to help you develop perfect cards, as well as the ability to print out your cards at any size.

Once you've prepared your pattern, you can also add the simulation and weave effects you want to give your work the feeling of the most sophisticated jacquard design. Just click in the browser and see all the options displayed for you immediately on the screen. You can also look at your design in both graph paper mode and simulated fabric at the same time while you continue editing work on your final simulation. Use Vision Easy Jacquard to give your designs the rich and textured feel of one of the textile world's most traditional arts, easily. This fully-featured program delivers the world of jacquards to the expert and the beginner alike. Easy to learn and easy to use, you can be guaranteed that your designs can now be seen as true jacquard wovens, whenever you want.

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