Sophis Socrates Design


Power in the hands of the designer

Software Features
This interactive designing package, for the Linux platform, is oriented towards the artistic designer. Extended graphic tools have been integrated within the textile environment.

Whats New

  • the motif creation tool has been simplified, reducing the number of steps to create a motif.
  • a new Draw with Motif tool has been introduced.
  • the motif preview is now visible while the motif is still attached to the pen.
  • a preview mode displaying the motif in all repeats, with multipen and colour priority is now available.
  • the set of motif s and the set of copy cursor patterns have been merged.
  • a crosshair cursor is now available.
  • the position of the rulers can be selected.
The dynamic user interface gives different choices to design using icons and hot keys.
Fast 'put in repeat' with copy cursor functionalities. New colour area selectors for defining irregular areas within original artwork.
Section and pen possibilities are extended with 'favorites', special zooming and airbrush tools, new multi pen functionalities and 'intuitive' section repeats for motifs.
Design files are imported via scanner, 24 bit or 8 bit formats from other systems including digital cameras, internet design archives or other stored design archives. There are 36 formats available to read in data. Tiff formats and JPEG are very common formats for exporting and importing data.

The designers create also their own libraries of ideas and effects during the years. The design data is image enhanced, modified by working within the design or by bringing in data from other designs.
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