Sophis Socrates Jacquard


The full jacquard solution

Socrates Jacquard is a Linux based CAD/CAM tool for the technical Jacquard designer. With a few key clicks, one can create a card (i.e. production data) from a design and a quality file.  With the included simulation tool, one can preview the woven cloth.

Whats New

  • Improved weave table functions (copy options, access to design statistics)
  • Improved warp and weft yarn table functions (copy options, not-used-yarns indicators)
  • Introduction of an advanced sequence editor.
  • Better integration of the simulation tool.
  • Improved functions to generate the warp and weft sequences from the design colours.
  • Improved section functions in the card editor.
The Jacquard Editor collects the specific data from the Quality file to generate the Jacquard Production data file for the design. Integrated navigation, zoom, undo tools for each displayed file. Special visual guides such as grid, ruler, repeat line, cursor colour, customized colours selected for warp, weft, float, and binders. Create and edit multiple Jacquard files simultaneously. Simple interactive user interface to easily enter warp sequences, automatic box motions, and float control parameters. The program calculates the complex sequences for the warp, the box motions, the pick assignments, and the positioning of the binding points. User options to decide on difficult float control binding points.  Floppy output for major jacquards Bonas, Grosse, Staubli
The Weave Editor is is a top Stylist's tool for developing ideas for new weaves and collection structures. No duplication for the same weaves are needed. Organize basic and expanded weaves per Quality Specification in both warp and weft. The weave can be imported in TIFF, or as a design or retrieved from the weave library or made directly in the point paper grid. Create weaves with complex top, middle and bottom weave assignment in both warp and weft. Simultaneous viewing may include base weave, expanded weave, warp and weft cross-section, and simulated cloth. Change one view (e.g. cross section image) and simultaneously everything is updated.

The Loom Editor is a two dimensional visual representation of the loom layout. Cut, paste and repeat tools gives fast entry of data. Special tools to assign cast outs, active hooks, complex tie-ups, box motion, density, speed, tension, loop heights, pile density. Automated binary translation of visually represented data into the technical data for the density, speed, tension.

Yarns to be used in the simulation are modeled by using the Yarn Editor. The yarn may be scanned into the system to create the starting shadow model, usefull for irregular yarns. The tools of the yarn editor are used to indicate the denier, the twist factor and direction of the twist, the hairiness, the irregularity, the slubs, the smoothness, the flatness or roundness and the contrast in the shadow.
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