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Vision TexFlash is a powerful Windows based design software specifically adapted to suit the needs of the Textile and Apparel manufacturing industry.

The program has evolved as a single CAD/CAM tool into a sophisticated user- friendly design package with enormous flexibility. Additional modules provide specific work functions for each product type; particularly for the Carpet and Weaving Industry. As well as being able to design, scale and develop products for machinery, we can now re-colour finished products or simulations and use them for sales presentation and marketing material. Further integration of software applications allows design products to be archived in DesignCOM.

Version 2.6 sees the introduction of the Weaver Plug-in; a major new tool for Weavers required by numerous Jacquard designers and manufacturers. The creation of Warps and Wefts is now flexible and simpler with tools and features specific for Jacquard designing. The interface is designed to suit all users working methods. The biggest asset is the visualization of Warp/Weft scales and colours according to specific loom definitions and functions. With the "Auto calculation" mode of warp/weft design users can immediately assign the usage of yarn colours. Warps and wefts can be saved as separate libraries, having easier integration with Vision WeaverNT 6.8.

Archiving design material is never simpler with a direct link to DesignCOM; save and load Vision TexFlash designs with a single click. When storing the designs in DesignCOM extra data (like collection information or designer name) can be added as wished. When retrieving the product this extra information can be used to find the product.

With the introduction of sequential scaling yet another re-sizing tool is added to Vision TexFlash. Further structural design possibilities are also available with the introduction of the pointed grid, which allows designing with weaves or patterns. The Latte tool also allows immediate and flexible transitions of yarn colours.
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