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Vision Weaver is a powerful Jacquard CAD/CAM system. Vision Weaver enables you to convert any design to a wonderful Jacquard fabric. It automates the production chain from design to weaving. Any type of fabric is possible: upholstery, terry, ties, labels, etc. The end result is a production disk allowing the production data to be transferred across the network to the loom. A simulation allows the product to be checked before production.

Whats New

  • New 3D Simulation
  • Warp float checking for layered products.
  • New menu entry in the Tools menu to set or modify color management settings.
  • New toolbar in the Card View to adjust design colors.
  • Notification is given whenever one of the product's parts outside the Product Creator has been changed.
  • Option in the Help menu to view the Release Notes (Product Creator and Weave Editor).
  • "Keep unused weaves" option added to determine to either use the existing color-weave assignment or to use empty weaves when exchanging the design.
  • Integration of Carpet filtering (if Carpet is installed).
Vision Weaver’s latest version 7.1 is even better than its predecessors in composing and creating Jacquard production information. Apart from the ability to display all relevant product information, new displays have been added. Compound weaves are displayed as simple weaves in the new “Global View”. Production information is displayed in a condensed (layered) way for tie and label fabrics. On top of that a new 3D-simulation and a tied link with NedGraphics' DesignCOM have been added. All this information can be arranged in custom layouts, enabling the user to quickly switch between different views. This flexibility allows the user to make full use of a second monitor, when available.

To enable the user to check the production result, it is now possible to display the complete card in the card view. Furthermore, the float correction functionality has been extended with the "Restrict Float Correction" function enabling the user to specify which weft/warp crossings not to use in the event of floats being corrected. A useful feature when producing carpets or velvets is the ability to edit the final production information in order to avoid gaps or double workers. Weaver has been extended with a function that selects a Vision Carpet weave-set. The card is then corrected according to the rules specified in the indicated weave-set.
The product can be stored on the local drive, on the network, within DesignCOM or Vision WeaveG@te. When storing the product in DesignCOM, additional data (like collection information or designer name) can be added. When retrieving the product from DesignCOM, this extra information can be used to find the product. With Vision WeaveG@te the products can be stored centrally so that it can be sent to the Jacquard controllers via the network.
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