Alphatex Monitoring


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Software Features
Vision WeaveGate
AlphaTex is a new standard in production monitoring and fabric inspection.

AlphaTex makes use of Ethernet technology to exchange information with machines in the production area. The advantages of using Ethernet are substantial; high speed and stable connections, network shareable between multiple applications, easy to install, easy to maintain, and an industrial standard solution.

AlphaTex is Windows based and offers the most modern technology including wireless communication.

A key module of this real time management information system is the "Machine-Status" tool. The current status of each machine is represented by the color of the icon in the weave room layout. Machine status indicators include a specific colour for all running machines while various colours indicate the specific reason for each machine that is stopped.

Operator, machine efficiency, and stop levels are permanently calculated and include alarms for deviations from the standard.
By simply pointing and clicking on a machine, all manner of machine details and information are displayed.

AlphaTex Machine Monitoring includes a very powerful report generator that allows each user to build customized reports according to their own specific needs. An Excel-interface is included in the standard package; interfaces to ERP-systems to import/export data are available as a standard option.

The system also includes a planning tool with a graphical plan board.
Planning information is always up-to-date because the machine data is collected on a real time basis.

With the AlphaTex system all relevant production information is always available right on time. In case of multiple production sites it is possible to centralize all information. With the optional web-reports, it is also possible to have access to the AlphaTex system from any location in the world
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