Vision WeaveGate


In full control!

Software Features
Vision WeaveG@te combines all the strengths of Vision Networking from NedGraphics Textile & Apparel with WeaveG@te from Sophis. Vision WeaveG@te uses Ethernet technology to link the Jacquard Controllers to the central Design Database. There are huge advantages to using Ethernet . It is an easily installed industrial solution that provides high speed, bi-directional communication and stable connections. Vision WeaveG@te is Windows-based and fully integrated with NedGraphics CAD/CAM software like Vision Weaver.
  • Support for Bonas (500/550) and Grosse controllers.
  • Creation of Staubli JC5 WeavePlan (prg) files and the ability to send the whole package to the controller.
  • Email notification on pre-defined user errors in order to avoid possible production flaws or controller availability .
  • Pre-defined cleaning of designs on controllers.
All designs are stored in a central database. All other related information, such as weaves, selector data and the loom layout is also stored in the database. The optional Harness conversion makes it possible to adapt the loom layout to the destination Jacquard including the selvedges and speed- and density controls.

has the ability to deliver production data to the proper Jacquard controller at the right time via an Ethernet network, making floppies a thing of the past. The system allows the weaver to collect the same production information from the Jacquard controller. If the weaver changes the production information, the corrected pattern can be merged with the original in the central database.

The system provides effective and consistent design management. Existing designs can never be overwritten without a notification. Amendments made to a design on the controller can be stored with the original in the database. The corrections are automatically incorporated into the production data the next time it is sent.

To avoid inferior products being produced e-mail notifications of various critical situations are issued to a pre-defined e-mail address, thus maximizing production efficiency.

Vision WeaveG@te can easily be connected to any existing planning system. Orders to send designs to, or remove them from, controllers are either given manually or processed automatically. The user can determine the interval at which this happens.

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