NedGraphics and Porini provide integrated solutions covering all aspects of the supply chain, from design and production to merchandising and supply chain management. Their products are renowned and distributed throughout the world.

Weave Gate combines all the strengths of Networking from NedGraphics Textile & Apparel with WeaveG@te from Sophis. Weave Gate uses Ethernet technology to link the Jacquard Controllers to the central Design Database. There are huge advantages to using Ethernet. It is an easily installed industrial solution that provides high speed, bi-directional communication and stable connections. Weave Gate is Windows-based and fully integrated with NedGraphics CAD/CAM software like Weaver.

Alphatex is a new standard in production monitoring and fabric inspection. Alphatex makes use of Ethernet technology to exchange information with machines in the production area. Alphatex is Windows based and offers the most modern technology including wireless communication.

Weave Gate

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