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Vision Easy Coloring Pro is the product of more than 20 years of experience controlling and reproducing the world of color. This user-friendly yet sophisticated program, is an accurate, calibrated, color management system that addresses the entire color workflow, from initial concept through production.

This complete, stand alone coloring solution allows designers and coloring experts alike, to quickly recolor prints, wovens, knits, or wallcoverings and the software automatically matches the color on virtually any output device.


Design recoloration and color research can be applied to files originating from any other Vision software, and most other graphics and textile packages.
Vision Easy Coloring Pro is simply the most flexible and advanced coloring solution available in the market today.


Easy Colormatching and Import/Export

Choose from over half a dozen coloring options including RGB, HSV, CMYK, HCL, LAB, XYZ, or Reflectance, with the entire color space visualized for each model. Visually select colors from standardized Vision color charts, create custom atlases for customer colors, seasonal or trend colors. Each variation can be named what you like and once it’s colormatched the first time, you can be sure that it will match time and time again. Import and export options allow for the precise color information to be communicated in standard industry color system formats, addressing digital sampling, quality control and production formulation.

Multiple Colorways for Each Design

Vision Easy Coloring Pro allows you to create and name an unlimited number of color combinations for each design. When you save the file, the color variations are automatically saved with the original file. When you reload the file all the color variations are automatically reloaded. This feature is great for archiving and saves quite a bit on disk space as you will not need to save a separate file for each variation.

Device Independent Color Proofing

No matter what scanner, monitor or printer you are using, Vision Easy Coloring Pro saves each color according to its most accurate, absolute color description. From this color reflectance data, screen colors and printer colors are automatically calculated. The user only needs to select their display and print device and Vision does the rest.

Color Gamut

Not only does Vision Easy Coloring Pro allow you to use any supported monitor or printer, but the software will also tell you if a particular color that you’ve selected can accurately be displayed or printed. This unique color gamut “slice” is prominently displayed. Just color inside the line and you’ll get a perfect match. This real-time gamut control for the entire color environment will guide you through the process for precise, quick and EASY colormatching.
You can also enter color gamuts for digital textile printers and even bulk production. It’s now feasible to know if you are going to be able to achieve a color in manufacturing, when you first enter it into the design.

Calibration and Profiling

Easy Coloring Pro is the only industry specific coloring software offering the ability to generate color profiles that are even more accurate then standard ICC profiles. These profiles ensure that the colors you see on screen can be accurately sampled on any printer, including digital fabric printers.

To maintain your calibrated environment, we have added a large number of helpful advisor menus for the monitor display, the printer, the spectrophotometer, and all your calibration settings. We know that these menus will help you spend the majority of your time coloring with the system, and not troubleshooting.
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