Simulated Printed Fabric


Software Features
Vision Simulating Printed Fabric (SPF) is the ideal software for digital textile printing applications. Vision SPF is one the first solutions developed specifically for reconstructing designs from digital engraving separations, for the Windows® 2000/XP operating systems.

Digital Printing Specialists

Simulating Printed Fabrics gives you complete control of realistic simulations for all of fabric and dye combinations now used with most any textile printer: Encad, Mimaki, and the most recently announced solutions. We can show you the benefits of each new breakthrough.

From the front line of this technology revolution, NedGraphics brings to you the module that printers, engravers, designers, converters, and digital textile printers alike have always wanted.

A Unique Concept in Coloring Software and Digital Strike-offs

Simulating Printed Fabric is a major step forward in CAD technology, which enables its users to drastically reduce or even eliminate the need for traditional strike-offs and samples.

Simulating Printed Fabric is an all-new coloring concept that makes it possible to accurately print a production sample, using a digital printer onto any kind of medium (paper, fabric, vinyl, you name it).

The unique focus of this particular Vision product incorporates our many years of experience as the leading supplier of CAD/CAM systems working in the printing
and engraving industry.

For the first time, users will have the confidence to know that the output they are seeing from a digital printer is what the design will look like once it is in production.

With other CAD or graphic software, you may get a pretty picture, but that doesn’t mean you can accurately reproduce it for textile manufacturing.

"Virtual Print Machine” From Your Desktop

Why wait for that sample? For printers, engravers, and creative people who work independently, Simulating Printed Fabric reduces sampling costs and lead-times. Imagine being able to see every design in every colorway in your line... before committing to production.

For those who use conventional CAD systems, Simulating Printed Fabric will transform the way you work. With none of the old limitations, you can now be in a production workflow environment without ever leaving your desk.

More Colors Than Ever

You can work from grey tone and monochrome digital separations, films, any color graphic file, or even with scanned images from almost every CAD/CAM system. Using this software, you can recreate the original design in production colors in seconds, utilizing layered separation data (with up to 256 levels of tone per layer), and a large number of customizable simulation rasters, for all kinds of dye overlay predictions (reactive, pigment, dispersed). With the support of Delta Calibration and NedGraphics’ expertise, Simulating Printed Fabric is the most powerful coloration system for textiles available today.

Simulates Real Fabric and Wallcovering!

What’s more, Simulating Printed Fabric integrates all the technical parameters of real printed designs: dye type, over-lapping colors, pad or resist effects, trapping, print order, rasterization, screen mesh, and gain (bleed or choke) effects, to create a true-to-life simulation of the output from your digital printer.

A Real Simulation Any Company Can Afford

We’ve completed the work for you. On-site research with a variety of mills and engravers has provided us with an opportunity to fine-tune the SPF product for all types of printing environments. Vision’s accurate textile simulation is based on the faithful reproduction of galvano, gravure, lacquer, flexographic and all other engraving techniques. Use your own know-how to customize our simulations to take into account screen mesh size, trapping, substrate type, and other manufacturing parameters.
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