Tonal Designer & Engraver


Software Features
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Vision Tonal Designer and Engraver is the latest generation of CAD/CAM software developed by NedGraphics for the printed textile, apparel and surface design industries. Based on the Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP platform, it gives the user a secure future upgrade path for hardware, while NedGraphics’ commitment to Research and Development will mean ever more flexible and powerful software. As with all the NedGraphics software, Tonal Designer & Engraver are modules that can be combined with other programs in Printing Studio or in conjunction with other graphics packages. Further links to DesignCom, Vision Easy Map, Storyboard and Cataloguing are also available, thus offering a complete production and marketing CAD system.  
Featuring industry standard layering technology the user has the ultimate flexibility from concept design to the creation of the most complex tonal separations. The introduction of an advanced memory manager means that large designs with multiple layers can be handled with ease.
Tonal Designer & Engraver can be fully calibrated to each of your inkjet proof printers and to bulk production. An infinite number of colorways can be created and compared to each other. Tonal Designer & Engraver gives the user the additional benefit of allowing the design mixes and fall-on colors to be viewed as they will be printed in bulk production. Designs can be worked into all types of repeats while the user sees the updates in real time.
Many pressure sensitive brushes for designing and “cleaning up” the image can be used in conjunction with automatic step and repeat of patterns. This allows construction of designs and coordinates from individually drawn or scanned elements.
Tonal Designer & Engraver features manual and automatic, continuous 255 tone level, separation extraction from True Color scanning, including CMYK. When the separations have been extracted, user defined overlaps (traps) can be applied to each separation for output to a film plotter, grey-tone files or laser engraver. The extraction functions, used in conjunction with the layer and design manipulation tools, make Tonal Designer & Engraver the professional choice for design, engraving and coloration of complex tonal textiles and wallcoverings.
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