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All CAD/CAM artists already know that one of the most time consuming processes in digital design work can be the color separation, and cleaning process. With Vision Color Separation and Cleaning Pro, let NedGraphics show you how easy this image preparation process can now be.
We have researched hundreds of various color separation techniques. This research has now paid off in the development of a number of the quickest and most accurate ways of separating scanned images into the number of colors that you want to manage in the design. Best of all, the program will automatically "clean up" your work. Fast. In minutes your designs will be in “print perfect” condition, ready to be manipulated in our design and coloring modules.
The latest generation of high speed, affordable desktop, and also large format scanners, allows you to import or scan designs directly into Color Separation and Cleaning Pro. To translate these raw scans into a usable form for design and accurate re-coloring, CAD artists will need to color separate the scan into a specific number of color channels. Four color (CMYK) process separations, standard to the graphic arts industry, are usually not applicable to textile and apparel manufacturing applications.
So, simply choose one of our unique separation techniques, and the program will immediately let you see how the color separated design will look, before you have processed the image. This feature will let the artist choose the best technique for their design.
Should you be working with antique swatches, or original artwork that has seen some weathering, Color Separation and Cleaning Pro offers the most advanced and intuitive cleaning tools. These tools quickly and easily remove any "dirt" or stray pixels that have been scattered throughout the design. If you are working with high quality artwork, our automatic cleaning functions will eliminate this cleaning process altogether.
Vision Color Separation and Cleaning Pro can be used as a stand-alone module for use with other graphic design systems or with any Vision design program. Its tools let you be much more productive and accurate in processing flat, step tone, and full tone designs, while also considering the specific manufacturing environments in textiles, apparel and wallcovering.
We’ve achieved this by providing you with the most powerful automatic cleaning functions and a simple yet sophisticated method of ensuring perfect separations.
Spend your time designing and coloring, not cleaning stray pixels.
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