Design Repeat Pro


Software Features
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With hundreds of unique capabilities, Vision Design and Repeat Pro, is a premier, high-end, design solution. Access all of the drawing tools, and image manipulation functions, that allow users to quickly express all of their creative ideas.
Textile and surface design artists alike, have helped us develop the specific functionality necessary to replace much of the work that had traditionally been done by hand. Simply open any graphic file and you can instantly visualize and edit the design in any repeat structure, including irregular repeat joins. Designers preferring to create “from scratch”, can utilize the full compliment of pen tools and use Vision as their digital canvas.
NedGraphics innovated the unique two-screen approach to design work, and has always allowed designers to work on detailed areas of the design, while simultaneously visualizing how the changes will affect the overall repeat. No other software allows you to see more of the design, more of the time!
In addition to the drawing and repeat tools, our unique pattern and motif browsers allow users to archive and manage design elements in separate folders. Launch the motif or pattern base and simply drag and drop any item into one of the multiple design views, that you can open and work on simultaneously

Proven Results

There are now hundreds of design studios, converters, printing plants, and engravers alike that use Design and Repeat Pro for all of their product development. If you are currently using off-the-shelf, “photo” editing software, or other CAD packages, NedGraphics can show you why your competitors now rely on this powerful, yet user-friendly tool.
More than 20 years of development, fueled by feedback from many of the acknowledged leaders in textile and surface design, have led to this breakthrough for design work. Enhance your creativity, reduce samples, and complete projects faster than ever before.
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