Software Features
Digital Printing offers a full range of new opportunities for the Textile Printing Industry. It allows putting creative ideas onto fabrics within minutes. The traditional concept for cost calculation, sampling and production have been revolutionized. It is now possible to present to the customer creative production concepts on fabric within the day. Therefore orders may be taken without the costs of traditional sampling. At the same time Digital Printing requires to understand and to master a completely new range of technologies, methods and processes. Careful preparation and planning for Digital Printing Project is essential for an effective investment. Nedgraphics Sophis is the ideal partner for you to integrate and manage your Digital Printing requirements successfully.
Nedgraphics-Sophis offers you two different printers for Direct Digital Textile Printing.


Natural Fibers
such as cotton, viscose, nylon, linen, wool, pile fabrics


Synthetic Fibers
such as polyester and flag materials
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