NedGraphics provides the world's best print designing solution to satisfy all printing market needs from the freelance designer through the printer to the engraver. ' Fashion Studio' Bundled Modules (CRC + DR + EC) is totally dedicated to the textile creation which helps you throughout each step of the textile print design process: Color Reduction & Cleaning (CRC) for digitalizing and cleaning your designs, Design & Repeat (DR) for repeat mode setting and image editing, Easy Coloring (EC) for colorways creation.

' Printing Studio' (CRCPro + DRPro + ECPro) is especially tailored for textile printing with more advanced tools. The three independent modules will help you to entirely process your flat or tonal projects.

NedGraphics's most advanced printing designing solution in available in the form of ' Printing Studio' (CRCPro + DRPro + ECPro) + Tonal Engraver. This software package enables full control over the creation of production separations for rotary screen and all other digital engraving applications. Specifically designed to handle the largest repeat sizes, in the highest resolutions, this software package allows you editing and fine tuning for each color separation, before trapping and final output to film or to a laser engraving machine.

Entry Level - Fashion Studio Bundled Modules (CRC + DR + EC)

Medium Level- Printing Studio (CRCPro + DRPro + ECPro)

Advanced Level - Printing Studio (CRCPro + DRPro + ECPro) + Tonal Engraver
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