NedGraphics provides different levels of sophisticated user- friendly woven design solutions with enormous flexibility keeping in mind various segments of woven textile industry for both Jacquard & Dobby.

Easy Jacquard is the entry level Jacquard designing solution which mainly caters to the needs of the Handloom industry. With Easy Jacquard software, one can create marvelous saree designs along with its graph and simulation. TexFlash and Weaver is the medium level Jacquard Designing solutions where one can design, scale and develop products for machinery whereas Texcelle and Weaver is the most advanced and ultimate creative Jacquard Designing Solution from NedGraphics giving the user the possibility to transfer design information to electronic Jacquard looms directly.

Entry Level - Easy Jacquard

Medium Level - TexFlash + Weaver

Advanced Level - Texcelle + Weaver


If you are in Dobby industry, then also NedGraphics provides you the flexibility to choose from its different level of software solutions as per your need. Easy Weave is a great design tool to create checks & stripes designs along with its simulation within shortest possible time. Dobby is the medium level Dobby designing software which offers wide range of tools and extensive libraries of weaves along with versatility to aid the production process. With DobbyPro there is complete control over every aspect of the weaving process, while allowing you to work on our unique multi-view system. In one window you may enter and manipulate specific information concerning the weave, peg, draw-in, warp and filling arrangements, and fabric construction. Meanwhile, another view may instantly display a life-like fabric simulation.

Entry Level - Easy Weave

Medium Level - Dobby

Advanced Level - Dobby Pro
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